Binghamton Tourists

When I told Joel and Kelly all the places that my guests call home, Kelly said, “Well, we’re not very exotic, are we?” But she was wrong about that. Binghamton has always been the kind of town that people pass through to get to somewhere else. But Kelly and her new husband (they got married a month ago) had come from Syracuse to celebrate Kelly’s birthday and see the sights. They were my first Binghamton tourists!

Joel and Kelly were disappointed with the downtown Farmer’s Market, but they had a great lunch at Despina’s Mediterranean Taste. They got a private tour of the Phelps Mansion and drove up the hill to take a look at the New York State Inebriate Asylum, a massive Gothic Revival building designed by Isaac Perry in 1864 and now in its first phase of renovation.

Binghamton has two new brew pubs, and Joel and Kelly went to both of them, a beer at Galaxy Brewing Company and dinner at the Water Street Brewery. They saw Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” at the Art Mission and Theater, and then briefly checked out the downtown bar scene. Too young a crowd for them. They even stopped in at the Belmar on their way home.

After breakfast I sent them off to the Otsiningo Farmer’s Market, located in a beautiful park along the Chenango River. And I told them about the Bundy Mansion, a beautiful Queen Anne style house containing a large collection of clocks and other collectibles from the Bundy Time Recorder Company, the precursor of IBM. I had sent some guests from Holland there just days before, and they had loved it.

So, see, there is lots to do in Binghamton!